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11. Mai 2016 – TomGPGP Team

Kojima kündigt Actionspiel im Stil von Uncharted und The Division an

Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) hat jetzt in einem Interview mit Famitsu ein Actionspiel in der Machart von Uncharted und The Division angedeutet. Nach seinem Weggang von Konami ist jetzt alles möglich. Auch PS4-Exklusivtitel. Aber glücklicherweise hält Kojima Productions daran fest, dass es später auch einen PC-Port des Titels geben wird. Puuh. Gematsu hat Teile des Interviews übersetzt:

Did you not want to take a break after leaving Konami?

Kojima: “I wanted to take some time off, but if I did that my life’s tempo would go out of wack and no one would forgive me. I’ll need about a year to warm up. We’re currently in the temporary office and have made only the logo and web page.”

Regarding the logo…

Kojima: “I can’t say anything yet, but there is a secret to the logo. It has a very cool body, and we even have plans to turn it into a figure.”

Why Kojima Productions is making its first title with Sony…

Kojima: “Offers came in from all over the world, but these places use a Hollywood system, and I don’t like doing detailed presentations. From there, I wondered who would put their faith in me with just a rough concept, and SIE was who I was looking for. We get quite a lot of freedom and they’re really easy to work with.”

Regarding the new game…

Kojima: “It’s an amazing game. We’re thinking about everything all at once, including the plot, characters, and game systems. Since certain parts are fairly new, we cannot help but experiment.

“While not to say that it’s open-world, users who enjoy today’s AAA games (The Division and Uncharted, etc.) will be able to easily enjoy it. When it is announced, you might think ‘that’s not that outstanding,’ but you’ll understand when you see it and play it. The genre is action.”

Regarding virtual reality…

Kojima: “I want to make something with VR, but right now we don’t have anyone. I think VR holds the key to game development.”

Shinkawa: “VR gave me a feeling that was close to playing Famicom around the time I was a kid. I absolutely believe that a new world is being born.”

Source: http://gematsu.com/2016/05/hideo-kojima-new-game-action-title-aaa-fans

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