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Fallout: New Vegas

In dieser Stadt schaufelst du zuerst dein eigenes Grab bevor dir in den Kopf geschossen und du deinem Schicksal überlassen wirst...und das ist noch lange nicht das Schlimmste.

Windows PC  RPG (Rollenspiel)
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Can you guys give some reasonable explanation WHY this game cannot be activated in some (not all) eastern and central european countries? I don't see any reason for doing that. Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, etc are part of the European (and only one) currency region (at least in Steam and some other stores), so that basically means that people from these countries should have the same rights that someone from Italy or France, for example. But nope, keep banning central and eastern european countries, that isnt any kind of racism, for sure.

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chrisvGP Team 1 0

Hey -- regional restrictions are set by the publisher and not by us. If it was on us, you could activate the game everywhere. We tried to get this changed at some point with Bethesda but I can't recall why it was not possible.


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