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Railway Empire

In Railway Empire behaupten Sie sich mit Ihrem Eisenbahnimperium gegen die gerissene Konkurrenz und führen Ihr Unternehmen erfolgreich ins 20. Jahrhundert.

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Malicious Hot 1 0

Do we also get an instant access to the beta as on Steam? I would say definitely yes if the Steam keys are instantly distributed. But are they? And what if we don't get to like the game by the time it comes out? On Steam a refund is not a problem at that point, but here?

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ChristianGP Team 1 0 (editiert)

The Beta is Steam exclusive for now. You can refund anytime durring the preorder and up to 14 days after release if you preorder or 14 days after you made your purchase when the game is already released, unless you did accept the purchase, i.e. revealed the key in your account.


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